Atlanta’s Best Commercial Photographers Karen Images

Karen Images, Atlanta’s Best Photographers, have been creating architectural photography, event photography, corporate head shots, modeling portfolios, product photography, and video production for their clients since 1998. Since that time Karen and Troy have built a reputation for blending fine art photography into every image captured.

From the early days forward they never turned down a photographic assignment. Monday is a newborn baby for a magazine ad, Tuesday a corporate event at The St. Regis followed by an overnight architectural shoot of a Buckhead restaurant. Friday is a food shoot for a dessert menu and we have a wedding on Saturday. The studio has operated this way for years shooting a high level of diverse projects, traveling every chance they got and creating captivating imagery along the way.

Karen and Troy met in High School and he never let go, they married in 1995. While on their honeymoon it became apparent for the marriage to survive they needed to buy a second camera for Troy who was forever waiting on Karen to get the perfect set of clouds to roll into the scene she was photographing.

From this point on they always photograph together, their styles blending and merging to the point even they have trouble telling the images apart. They decided early on not to compete against each other or shoot under two names. Karen has the degree in Commercial Photography so the entire portfolio of fine art photography is referred to as “Karen Images” and the company is Karen Burns Photography.

Karen graduated from Gwinnett Tech with a degree in Commercial Photography and began her career as an intern with an esteemed Atlanta Commercial Photographer, E. Alan MaGee.

Later she joined Olan Mills and quickly became Atlanta’s top photographer for the studio franchise. She was awarded Atlanta Photographer of the Year by Olan Mills twice and was the first to have multiple spreads of her work appear in the national magazine. The sales force realized her talent and she was made into the regional floater – sent to every studio in the region for one day per week. Each studio was booking all their sittings on Karen’s day there in order to make their quotas and bonuses.

In November of 1997 Troy opened Atlanta Printing Consultants providing Graphic Design, Illustration, Copy writing, Print Fulfillment, and Commercial Photography in Atlanta. Within six months the sales generated by the new business forced Karen to leave Olan Mills and start her career as a full time Commercial Photographer serving Atlanta.

Troy first encountered photography through a Graphics Art Program at Walton High School. He was taught to use a darkroom camera that took up two rooms in the lab. The “light room” housed the lens board and copy board which was large enough to photograph an open newspaper page. The film board was inside the “darkroom” on the other side of the wall.

Success provided resources for the young couple to travel, pushing the limits of carry on baggage with every flight they took. For twenty years they have traveled and photographed, building an incredible library of fine art images of major cities and tourist destinations across the globe.

Today they are taking advantage of the internet to display and sell their art. Members of ASID, they cater to designers, architects, property managers, galleries and frame shops, They also continue to work as Corporate Photographers and accept commissions for portrait work and select wedding clients.