Corporate Advertising and Commercial Photographers in Atlanta

As commercial photographers in Atlanta, corporate advertising campaigns have been the backbone of our company since 1998. We have over 18 years experience working with creative directors, art directors, graphic designers and marketing executives to ensure the perfect image is always created for their campaigns. We come in ready to be a silent partner or a creative asset, whichever the job requires.

   Our experience allows us to be extremely flexible whether working in our home “Studio G” or any other studio anywhere in the world. We have multiple lighting systems including cool light fluorescent, 1000 watt strobes, portable wireless speedlite systems, and are seasoned experts working in the European 220 watt power grid.

And while we like to pretend that something new and unique has been created, the reality is there is very little new under the sun. Almost everything is inspired by something else in existence. We are experts at reverse engineering concepts and photographs to create the image that expresses exactly what you want to portray.

Your image is what prospects and clients see when they conceptualize the value of your company. We believe it is the single most important investment a company can make – period. Karen Images is Atlanta’s advertising and marketing image expert. We pay attention to the details and create images which will convey the true nature of the brand that you want to project to the public.

 And when it comes to your personal image, we take the time to work with you to feel comfortable in your session. Our retouching expertise can remove the appearance of 15lbs and 15 years, yet still be realistic to your natural appearance.

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